01 janvier 2012


Line/Matt Donovan/2003/p.333



Surface engraved with a narrow stroke, path

Imagined between two points. Of singular thickness,

a glib remark, a fragment, an unfinished phrase.

It is any one edge of a shape and its contours

in entirety.Melody arranged, a recitation,

the ways horizons are formed.Think of leveling,

snaring, the body's disposition (both in movement

and repose). It has to do with palms and creases, with rope wound tight on someone's hand, things

resembling drawn marks : a suture or a mountain ridge,

an incision, this width of light. A razor blade

at a miror, tapping out a dose, or the churn

of conveyor helts, the scoured, idling machines.

A conduit, a boundary, an exacting

course of thought. And here, the tautness

of tent stakes, earth shoveled, the depth of a trench.

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